Core launches in China!

16th October 2017

Core Business Solutions is proud to announce the set-up and launch of its new trading company in China.

Core Business Solutions is widely acknowledged as a leader in helping businesses with unique products and services to achieve success both in their own home countries and globally. Core clients wishing to develop international commercial connections can tap into a professional team experienced in doing business in more than 70 countries worldwide – and the Company’s newly launched Chinese operation takes that service to a whole new level.

Core has teamed up with East Star Exports to launch Core China Ltd, with the aim of helping businesses across the world wishing to sell their goods and services into China. The services will be offered via Core’s exciting new Chinese Market Access Package. As the world’s fastest growing consumer market and with a demand for innovative technology and professional services, China offers infinite opportunities for foreign enterprises.

Core China offers clients a unique combination of a local point of contact in the UK, supported by on-the-ground presence in China. The Market Access Package provides a comprehensive business service for overseas companies that wish to expand their business into China including access to distribution channels and assistance with sourcing Chinese investors.

Ms Xiangyao Bowler (BA and MA) – Managing Director of East Star Exports and Operations Director for Core China – is native Chinese, and has studied and lives in the UK. She is a qualified linguist and a highly experienced international business development consultant for the Chinese market. Xiangyao helps clients to understand the local business culture in China and assists the communications between the overseas and Chinese companies, as well as translating overseas companies’ materials into Chinese and tailoring presentation documents to the Chinese companies. She also travels to China with clients to act as an interpreter and assist with negotiations.

Ms Zhang Qin (Linda) – East Star Exports’ business representative in China and Core China’s C.E.O – is a qualified engineer with decades of business experience. She has previously served as a Director of the Australian International Exchange Centre, Director of Foreign Affairs in the United Nations Industrial Organisation Eco Agriculture Office, General Manager of Modern China Light Group and the Deputy General Manager of Uretek Worldwide in China. During her career, Linda has established relationships with a wide range of contacts across China and worldwide as well as an ability to solve problems, and develop business in the local market with innovative ideas.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with Core to launch Core China” says Xiangyao, “we are keen to speak to businesses with innovative products who wish to develop in China. We have a particular immediate interest in the Medical sector although through our previous experience we also have strong links to Engineering, Professional Services and Retail including TV shopping channels.”

John Holmes, Chairman of the Core Group and who is responsible for developing Core China says “The launch of our business in Beijing, China represents a huge step forward in the Company’s development. China is one of the major worldwide markets but clients are often daunted by its size, language barriers and cultural differences. By establishing a base in China, we can offer clients direct access to this fast-growing consumer environment.”

For more information on developing your business in China, please contact John Holmes, Chairman at