Did you know there’s funding available for exporting?

23rd January 2018

The future may be uncertain, but it is also a fantastic opportunity. With questions surrounding Brexit and what form it will finally take, there is a shift in UK business: towards global trade outside the EU and export.

Exporting can represent a leap forward – in both strategy and operations – and for many UK businesses this may feel like a big challenge. But Core Businesss Solutions is here to help.

Many UK businesses wanting to become global players can benefit from specialised support and assistance, including export grant match funding and tax credits.

The Core team consists of experts who can help you secure this funding and ensure export success.

Match funding available – up to £1,500 for most companies and £3,000 for those who qualify for R&D tax credits – covering:

  • Market visits
  • Trade shows/conferences
  • Market research
  • Legal & IP advice
  • Strategic planning
  • Product development
  • Marketing consultancy
  • Translations

Contact us now at john.holmes@corebusiness.group to see how we can help your business grow.