Wherever in the world you are, you’ll receive a consistent level of service from the Core team.

We provide a complete range of business services to help you build a successful company – from strategic development and operational support, to marketing and design, to business continuity and security. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Our services answer all the questions you will have as you embark upon your journey. The Core team has lived and breathed the issues you will face, so we can provide you with first-hand experience and reliable, quality advice and support.

With our Partners, we provide the most comprehensive business support service globally.

And once you are ready to go, we will take you to market and ensure your journey is successful. We will:

  • Brief you on the people you will meet and countries you will visit
  • Help arrange visas, travel plans and set up meetings
  • Personally introduce you to our connections and partners across the Core network
  • Pre-market your company to them on your behalf so you’re not going in cold
  • Give you access to all the services you need to build a successful business

So why not join the Core family, and let us join you on your journey to internationalisation.


Geared towards helping you develop and deliver a successful, well-structured global business, we will provide you with all the strategic and operational support required. When you engage with us, we’ll spend time with you to understand your business and develop a Strategic Overview that maps out your growth journey. This vital first stage aims to achieve three key things: understand your current position; analyse your competitive environment and market global opportunities; and develop a clear short, medium and long-term strategy for your business.


Once we’ve agreed an overall strategy for your company, we’ll make sure you are well prepared. We will work with you to develop a Sales & Marketing strategy if required and help design the right marketing materials and collateral that hit the mark and make a great first impression with your prospective clients and partners. This will usually start with reviewing your fundamental marketing toolkit – your brand, your website, your presentation materials, your PR & media strategy, and your brochures.


As part of your business strategy you need to consider ‘what if things go wrong’. We will work with you to ensure you have a robust plan in place to protect your growing business from reputational or financial damage. This is a fundamental part of preparing your business for international growth, and will give you peace of mind that your business has solid foundations in place to be able to deal with any situation that may arise. Our services include business continuity planning, resilience, business protection and security.

Even when you’re up and running, we’ll keep in regular contact with you, ensure you’re on track and help to resolve any problems along the way.