They offer business licensing, Governmental services, business management, business centers, banking assistance and more.

Setting up a business is a major step. Working in partnership – Core and Shuraa Business Setup helps clients to make the right decisions at the right time. Since 2001 Shuraa Business Setup has registered more than 20,000 companies in the UAE. They offer complete priority to their clients so that they can save time, effort and money.

Shuraa Business Setup has a professional team that develops a quality service, tailored to the needs of each individual business owner. They are fully aware that complex business issues need relevant understanding, proper planning, correct implementation and objective evaluation. This has helped Shuraa Business Setup create bespoke solutions utilising the right blend of skills and technology as per their clients’ expectations.

Shuraa Business Setup is an authorised agent for business setup services with Dubai Economic Department and the UAE Government. They provide specialised advisory services in corporate, commercial, financial and administrative matters and enjoy a solid relationship with the UAE Government.

Start your business in the UAE today with Shuraa Business Setup.

With Shuraa Business Setup, see your business grow in the UAE! They will plan your business strategies, evaluate your business agreements and analyse the market for your business activity. They also help guide you through your banking activities and work with governmental authorities. All-in-all we make it simple for you!

Business Setup Services
Shuraa is a leading company specialising in offering a wide range of business setup services. They have registered over 20,000 companies in the UAE with international clientele.

Company Registration Services
Shuraa Business Setup is a pioneer brand name in offering multi-dimensional business setup services. They apply UAE standards for company registration and help entrepreneurs register their respective companies.

Investor’s Right & Protection Contract
At times, companies require partnership with a UAE national. With Shuraa, they provide you with a trustworthy partner as well as document the terms to secure your interest through an Investor’s Right & Protection Contract.

Banking Assistance
The UAE can be a great place to channel your funds and enjoy various tax benefits. Some business activities may also require bank guarantees, to invest or hold a working capital. If you need a company bank account in the UAE or any other banking assistance related to your business, Shuraa Business Setup can do it for you.

Business Consultancy Services
Shuraa provides first-class business consultancy services in the UAE. They will assist you with the entire process of company formation, analyse your business and propose appropriate solutions.

UAE Governmental Services
Shuraa Business Setup offers efficient UAE Government services to make the business setup process easier for you. They also take care of your governmental permissions, documentation and Arabic translation.

Rented Offices
Shuraa Business Setup offers you with the best offices across Dubai. Their offices and business centres have advanced infrastructure systems, technological support and easy accessibility at affordable prices.

Business Trade Licenses
Shuraa Business Setup has been helping thousands of business owners and independent entrepreneurs to start new business ventures in the UAE and to keep their businesses compliant as per the UAE commercial law. They offer:

  • Commercial Trade License – granted to companies  involved in trading of goods, commodities and  services. Shuraa helps companies to acquire licenses in  the easiest, fastest and most affordable ways possible.
  • Industrial Trade License – manufacturing enterprises  are required to have an industrial license to operate.  Obtaining an Industrial License can be hard with  several permissions required.
  • Professional Trade License – for individuals and  companies offering professional services.

For more information visit or to arrange an appointment please contact them on +971 4 408 1900 or +971 4 351 0077.

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