Whilst the USA is ‘the land of the free’ and free trade, it is also a highly competitive marketplace in which to do business. Entering the US market is not for the faint-hearted but the rewards can be enormous.

The USA comprises 50 states, each with its own legal and taxation system beneath the US Federal umbrella. Sixty-six percent of the US population of 320 million live on or near its East Coast and the country spans four time zones.

Core and its associates Springboard Marketing specialise in helping companies expand their business in the USA. As the US is so large, it is important you get good initial advice on where to start in the US – mistakes can be expensive and lose time too.

The Core team will work with you to review your US market entry options and help you arrive at the correct strategy. This can vary from finding a US partner / agent, to investing directly in your own facility and workforce.

We can also help you find one of the most important professional advisors – a US lawyer who can assist with contracts, visas, IP and US incorporation.

The Core team can help you with:

  • Information and consultancy advice for exporting technology, services and products to the USA
  • Market research and analysis to explore your potential opportunity in the US market
  • Sourcing distributors and/or agents for companies wishing to trade in the US
  • Facilitating partnerships with US companies, for cooperation and joint business ventures

“The United States economy is the world’s largest economy by nominal GDP and the second-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). It also had the world’s seventh- highest per capita GDP (nominal) and the eleventh-highest per capita GDP (PPP) in 2016. The US has a highly diversified, world-leading industrial sector, and is a high-technology innovator with the second-largest industrial output in the world.”

The Core team can set up US on-the-ground fact-finding visits for you, sometimes in conjunction with a US trade show. It is important to prepare market research and we have local experts ready to help you.

Overall, US consumers want leading-edge technology and innovation. If you can offer both then the USA could transform your business. The Core team will help you weigh up your options and approach, then guide you through the process to establish your business in the USA; and of course the US is a great starting point for subsequent expansion in North and South America.

The American people are very patriotic so to succeed in the US, your business needs to look as ‘American’ as possible. That means having a US legal entity, a US website (with toll-free 0800 number and US spelling / grammar) ideally employing local US people and paying US taxes. Don’t try and conquer America by just selling directly from your home country – you must embrace the culture and opportunity. By investing directly in the US you will maximise your chances of success, particularly with Core’s guidance and US connections.

The Core service for the USA includes:

  • Information and consultancy advice tailored  to your sector and business
  • Market research and analysis on the potential  for your product / service in the USA
  • High-quality ‘translation’ to convert your  marketing collateral into ‘US English’ and in  some US regions, Spanish
  • Sourcing agents, distributors, wholesalers in  the US
  • Identifying appropriate property to rent or  buy with room to grow
  • Introductions to professional advisors  including lawyers, CPAs (accountants) and  HR specialists
  • Customised itineraries for on-the-ground  US research visits, possibly in conjunction  with a US trade show or conference

The Core team and its associates have direct experience of helping firms to set up and grow in the USA. They will steer you through the process of engaging with business in the US and help you every step of the way.

When you join the Core family, you’ll get the same level
of service from us – whether you’re in Singapore,
Dubai, Boston or Manchester.